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Boca Raton, FL



Ashley has been phenomenal. I really don't know what we would have done without her. We found our waterfront condo on a whim, and between having to pack up spontaneously and then the dreadful unpacking, we wanted someone to come in to organize it all! We wanted our condo to be unlike our last and for it to feel fresh and new to us. Thanks to Neatly, it does! - Lauren & Jon R. Brickell, FL

Ashley and her team at Neatly provide New York City a feeling of home-luxury like no other! She is truly a gem and the most patient and disciplined at her craft. Go ask my girlfriends, their husbands would hate to admit that they feel the same!  - Estelle Z. UES, NYC


We wanted Neatly to come in and bulldoze our entire kitchen and pantry; no questions asked - donate, toss, keep, whatever! My husband and I left them to it and trusted them to do what they wanted. Immaculate, stunning, sharp... we can't even begin to describe. My husband may kill me with all these projects, but maybe they'll want to work on our closets and bathroom next?? - Simon M. TriBeCa, NYC

All I have to say is THANK YOU Neatly!! What Ashley has done for my family, and the impact she's had on our day to day 'operations' is so amazing. I have no doubts that you'll be as happy as we are. I'm a lucky mom of three boys.. need I say more??  - Alyza M. Stamford, CT

I fell in love with Ashley during our first phone call and had the pleasure of meeting that little spitfire days later. I can't believe I let her dictate my closet, but I am so happy I did. - Reese L. UWS, NYC

Thank heavens for this New Yorker. [I hope she doesnt mind that I still call her that, ha!] My pantry looks like a dream! Now I have no excuse but to cook! - Luanne N. Scarsdale, NY

What an amazing experience! We absolutely love how much knowledge and passion Ashley has for the south. The fact that she was able to so seamlessly apply the small vision we had and make our home so clean and beautiful was worth every penny. The Neatly team were certainly put to work- we went all out and had them organize our home office, master closets, and the guests and his-and-her powders. - Bryan & Becky C. Chapel Hill, NC

Ashley and Jon just came out east to help us prep our home for the summer before MDW! It is SPECTACULAR! Janine S. Amagansett, NY

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