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Welcome to Done Neatly!

We're Done Neatly. The team is comprised of Ashley Coleman -- organizer extraordinaire -- and a hand-selected group of likeminded individuals who live and die by our day planners. We're passionate about all aspects of the organization process, and everything that it takes to get you feeling neat, inspired, and ready to tackle the world. Whether you need your closet to stop feeling like it's swallowing you every time you look for a dress, or to actually be able to sort through the kitchen spices you've crammed into a shameful corner of the pantry, we're here to make your home -- and life -- as tidy and functional as possible. We're even here if you're just looking to make your house as Pinterest-worthy as possible.

Who's Ashley?

Our founder, Ashley, graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and became an expert at making her surroundings beautiful. After working in the Northeast, and then in London, she eventually began working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a project manager. Done Neatly emerged as she leveraged her skills in styling and planning for others, eventually becoming her full-time gig.

Now, she spends her days traveling to revitalize the houses of her clients, consulting on organization projects, and of course, stalking the Container Store for her favorite products. When not working on Done Neatly, you can find her doting on her adorable pup.

What can Done Neatly do for you?

You can find many of our services on our website above, but we're open for any organization project you might need, at any stage in your journey. We offer a spectrum of moving services, including unpacking and staging, as well as a keen ability to transform and de-clutter any area of your home. We additionally offer a range of virtual services and expertise for your convenience.

Not sure what you need? We can help you organize your thoughts on that too!


Be sure to keep up with the blog for exclusive tips + tricks on making your home your ideal space, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the Done Neatly lifestyle!

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