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Starting with Done Neatly: The Process

For some, the concept of a home organizer is foreign and daunting. You may be drawn to our light and airy photos of perfectly arranged closets, but balk at booking the service because you're intimidated by having a company come in and rearrange your stuff for you. Or you might simply not understand what we do, and why it's so effective.

How did we get there? What was the before like? What did the day (or experience!) at your house feel like?

Whether you're familiar with the concept of a home organizer or it still feels like entirely new territory to you, this is what you can expect when you partner with Done Neatly to make your home or space serve you better.

To help make the Done Neatly process a little less mysterious, our team broke down the exact process of getting started with us.

First of all, you're going to reach out through the Contact Us form on the website and ultimately hear from our fabulous founder, Ashley Coleman, who will work with you to arrange your perfect process!



Done Neatly, as a full service company, aims to limit the effort required by the client. As a client, you can be as involved or as minimally involved as you would like.

The scope of your project depends on the type of and the amount of content you have in your house. We'll get to the editing process in a second to determine exactly how much this is, but after determining the size of the project, Ashley will send a PDF deck to you.

Ashley may ask for the measurements of certain spaces, or you may have an in-person or virtual consultation.


The PDF will include projects that Done Neatly has done in the past, as well as inspiration projects. Ashley will ask you about your preferred aesthetic, with the goal to get to at least 90% organizational items that you're obsessed with having in your home. This also includes figuring out what you don't like. For example, if you need all canisters to be glass instead of plastic, that makes a huge difference! This will also include deciding the type of hangers that will go in your closet.


Before, or on the first day the team arrives, you'll "edit" your belongings.

The Done Neatly team will not begin organizing until you've done a full "edit" of what you own. After all, you don't need to arrange what you don't intend on keeping! Often, the first step to a stress-free and stunning home is to reduce the clutter. Shoes that don't quite fit (or you never wear because they're too uncomfortable), knick-knacks you bought on sale but don't actually care about, etc,.

If the editing process is intimidating, the Done Neatly team can help you with that as well, assisting you in the sorting process. As it is, Ashley can provide many pointers in deciding whether or not you hold onto an object, put it in storage, or throw it away/donate it.

The only aspect of the editing process that you must fully be involved with -- if that's a service you commission from the team -- is paperwork. If the Done Neatly team is organizing your home office, they don't want to accidentally throw away any important documents that might accidentally have been put in the wrong file.


The team may arrive with supplies, or ship them to you. Regardless, the first step after editing is to unload and categorize all the organizational goodies you've lusted over on The Container Store (or whichever brands you've decided to implement in your space.)

In the age of COVID-19, the Done Neatly team has taken additional precautions, including but not limited to wearing masks, shoe coverings, gloves, and implementing a temperature check for all involved team members.

As mentioned, you can be as involved or as minimally involved as you would like, so you do not have to be home for your organizational service. First of all, the Done Neatly team will craft a game plan so that it is consistently clear what we're accomplishing, in what area, and what you can expect at the end of the day. If you arrive home at the end of the day, we'll recap everything for you!

What other questions do you have? Reach out to us on Instagram and let us know!

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