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The Man Cave: Five Ways to Improve the Space for Father's Day

Whether you love it or you hate it, the Man Cave is an integral part of homes nowadays. For my own dad, it's the concrete garage, a ratty couch, a mini-fridge full of Diet Coke, and a TV that's nearly always playing golf tournaments. For others, it may take the form of a polished den: gleaming dark wood, whiskey, and some tasteful photography. Whatever your chosen interpretation, the Man Cave is a space as universal and acclaimed as any of the beautiful homes we repin on Pinterest.

But here's another feeling that's universal: the struggle of keeping it clean.

His space is his space. But can you at least take one of the (many) coffee mugs to the kitchen? They're leaving rings on that gorgeous coffee table you found at that antique shop off the highway. He doesn't want to think about it; when he's in his Man Cave, it's his time to unwind and not think for a little while.

If you're struggling to keep it organized, reach out. We can help you with some (subtle) ways of aligning his space with your home vision. Whether you're new to the concept or it's been an aspect of your house for forever, structuring a Man Cave can make for an excellent Father's Day gesture or gift. For now, here are some recommendations for the necessary items required to build a Man Cave, that can keep the maintenance to a minimum.

Here's how to do it:

1. Ask him to pick a central theme.

Even just having him commit to specific colors -- like dark green or gray -- that he prefers in his space will give you a clearer idea of what to keep an eye out for. It's his space, but you're the expert in bargain hunting and the Container Store. Having a preferred aesthetic that he commits to will help you to assist in curating the space in ways that fit your home without either one of you feeling invasive. Although the Man Cave is a separate sphere, it should still operate as a unit of your combined vision for your home.

2. Storage is key. Use shelves and wall storage to keep everything off the floor.

Guys, inevitably, tend to collect a lot of stuff. And hello, we do too, but we're actively using it all the time. Why do you need to hold onto that collection of high school wrestling trophies? By building in shelves, you can at least arrange them for aesthetic that becomes part of the decor, rather than sitting in clusters around your feet.

3. Flooring. Flooring. Flooring.

Y'all. Just because you're in a garage or some neglected corner of the house does NOT mean you have to settle for some cold concrete under your feet. At the very least, a nice rug -- or some hard wood floors, swoon! -- can give the space the appearance of uniformity and polish. No matter what's going on above them.

4. Still feeling cluttered? Try an open floor plan.

Try arranging the furniture in an open arrangement -- against the walls -- rather than leaving seating in the middle of the floor. He may not care about feeling claustrophobic or chaotic, but it'll make it feel much cleaner when you're having guests over for a sporting event or gathering.

5. A bar area is key.

Whether it's just a mini-fridge, or a full on bar setup in the corner, utilize our refrigerator and pantry organizing techniques (shared on our Instagram!) to make the most of the snacks and beer he drags in. Also, keeping your bottle opener as a wall hanging or fixture rather than loose in a drawer may help minimize bottle cap clutter that he forgets to pick up. (Just leave a small basket beneath it!) Bonus: you can use them to craft after you've amassed a collection.

What does the Man Cave look like now? What do you want it to look like? Tell us about it.

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